Sharepoint List Binding with K2 Workflow & Smartforms

Today we shall see how we can bind a K2 workflow with a Sharepoint List and trigger the workflow when an item gets added to the list. Also we shall see how we can use K2 smartforms for adding & updating an items in SharePoint list.

In previous post I have shown how to enable K2 for a list using K2 Five for Sharepoint tool and the options for generating the Smartobjects, Smartforms, workflows & Reports for the list. Now we look at the other way to achieve the same.  I’ll be using the Same Users SharePoint list which I have shown in previous post

Click on K2 tab and select application which will open the page as shown below

As we have selected only Smartobjects generation in previous post, it is just showing them. Now Click on New tab and Select Generate Forms which will show you below screen.

Now click OK and the tool will generate view and forms for you based on the list columns and once it completes it will show you below screen with all the views and forms that are automatically created.

It will create 3 forms one for adding a new item, one for editing and one for display purpose. We can directly edit the form or view from here if you want to change anything like look and feel or controls. Also you can edit these forms from the K2 Designer which I have shown in my previous post.

Click on Settings to see or change the forms to show.

Now navigate to Users List and click on new to see the K2 Form which is highlighted in below screen.

Now let’s create a new workflow and associate with this list, so that whenever a new user is added to this list it will create an approval task to some user and updates the status accordingly.

Now from the Users List K2 Application screen, click on New and select workflow.

Now it will show you below screen where you find 2 options to trigger the workflow. One is via Smart form submit button and the second way is via Sharepoint list item events that are available and shown there.

Here I’ll select “When the following events occur” and select “An item was added” and select OK which will open K2 workflow Designer. Now design your workflow with your requirements.

In Users List I have added a new column called Status and initially when a new User is added to the list, the status will be Pending Approval and once the task is assigned to Manager and he performs as an action then accordingly the status will be updated and workflow will complete.

Below is the screen shot of workflow that is created for this purpose. I’ll create a separate post explaining the process of creating a workflow in new designer with all the events that we have now.

Now Create a New User in List and see the Workflow is getting Triggered status will be set as Pending Approval

And task is getting assigned in TaskList (You can access Tasklist from K2 Tab in Users List.)

Approve the task and see the status getting changed.

That’s it. This is how we can make use of K2 Smartforms and Workflows along with Sharepoint list.

Thanks for reading!!

Author: Vijay

I'm a K2 Certified Developer, helping teams to automate, design, develop & maintain business process applications connecting across multiple platforms with multiple technologies.

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